Innovation Push Creation - CD Album 2016

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Innovation Push Creation is the first offering of 2016 from Scottish Songwriter and Producer Lewis Wilson. The Innovation album see's Wilson's music take a more stripped back approach but in doing so not comprimisinhg in which Wilson has become known for in producing songs that magically get under your skin and are screaming to be played over and over again. With cuts like the floor stomping "Surrender To My Love" which in its own seems like a statement of intent by Wilson to the gleefuly "Souls Cats" that just skips along wilfully and before you know it becomeing your favourite song. With more to come from Wilson in 2016, the year is shaping up to be one of the most creative and productive years so far for Wilson. #GTR

1. Believe In This
2. Good Idea
3. Surrender To My Love
4. Sacrifice (Everyday)
5. Innovation Push Creation
6. Mary Doll
7. Brother
8. Soul Cats
9. Roll The Dice
10. See You Again

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